Detroit Virtual Tour Provider Loves RTV Hit Stat Reports

Last Sunday morning I checked my email, and noticed I got a lot of thank you emails from clients excited about their new advanced hit statistic reports. I certainly did not tell them that I did not send them to them. My customers went on and on about how great they were.

Here is the best part, Monday morning rolled around and the phone started ringing and the emails started coming in with new virtual tour orders. Why? Because they saw the new hit stats that RTV sent out for us. Looking at them reminded them of other listings that they need virtual tours on. I took at least 6 new virtual tours orders due to the hit stat reports on that one day alone.

Thanks Real Tour Vision for doing this for your virtual tour providers. I have always said that keeping in touch with your clients is important and the advanced hit stats are a great way to do that. It also keeps my company name in front of them.

Michael Thompson
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