Coldwell Banker West Shell Agents make move!

That’s right, a number of CBWS agent’s are making the move to better service and virtual tours that marketmedia, llc & RTV have to offer here in the Dayton & Cincinnati area.

“It all starts with one happy customer, next thing you know the rest of the unhappy agents in the office follow. We have been marketing a better service to agents and it has taken sometime for them to get tried of the less then stellar service they have been getting, to and try calling someone new or they over hear an agent in the office raving about our fast and dependable services, and we’re seeing more and more of them calling us.”, says William McCauley president of marketmedia, llc, Real Tour Vision’s full service virtual tour provider for southwest Ohio.

“When marketmedia moved into the virtual tour industry we wanted to only offer the best, I researched many different types of tours and companies, and I found the RTV technology is the best in the market for crisp and clear images and the free extra features like slideshows, map, satellite, city info, and the hotspots. You just can’t find another virtual tour that has as much to offer as the RTV system and network of national providers. It’s something I can take pride in being a part of, knowing I have the best service in my local area and we provide and high quality product at affordable rates.”

“I had hired the local preferred vendor to come out and shoot my listing, and after waiting for over a week and not getting my listing shot, I found out the company had already cashed my check for payment and had never been to the home. I overheard another agent talking about marketmedia, she gave me a card and I called. William got a photo shoot setup the same day and in less then 15 hours had my tour online and driving traffic to my listing. My clients are very happy and I plan to keep using marketmedia for all my virtual tour services here in the Cincinnati market.” – Sally Jacobsen-CBWS-Milford Ohio

“It’s nice to hear from so many happy clients, I think it says a lot of the state of our local area and we’re happy to be the Dayton – Cincinnati virtual tour company that clients can count on for fast and dependable service that has all the top of the line features consumers demand in today’s rough market place. We here to stay and we going to set the standard the rest of the virtual tour providers have to measure up to. Agents are tired of getting the run around and poor service, it makes them look bad to their clients when they are told by a VT company that they will photograph the home and then not show on time or at all. At marketmedia we recognize our reputation is on the line with every service call and one unhappy client is one too many!”

William McCauley
Dayton Ohio Virtual tour Company
Order a virtual tour – 937-974-4877