Clients Love Having Virtual Tour Options

On a recent sales call in nearby Hershey, PA (yes, the street lights really are in the shape of chocolate kisses in Chocolatetown, USA), I demonstrated a virtual tour with a standard audio music track. My sales prospect loved the virtual tour, but disliked the music. She said she never likes music playing on web sites.

When I arrived at my next appointment in York, Pennsylvania, still wary of the last prospect’s comments, I reluctantly demonstrated the same virtual tour. This sales prospect not only thought the tour was fantastic, but also loved the music! It just goes to show that it is great having options to give your clients.

From chatting with prospects and clients, I’ve learned that when it comes to audio on virtual tours, some really enjoy the audio playing on the virtual tour. Those that don’t initially like the idea of adding the audio or a music track often eventually decide to include it. That’s because the audio track attracts the attention of the casual web browser. When someone clicks on and starts the 360 virtual tour, the music or audio demands notice. That’s what the virtual tour client should keep in mind.

When consulting with new prospects, I often suggest that the audio should be added to the virtual tour – especially to those that don’t initially like the feature. It’s not about their personal taste, but rather about what will attract the attention of their potential clients and prospects.

George Sheldon
Dauphin Virtual Tour Company
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