Traverse City Virtual Tour Company Setting Up Shop

I am certainly not one to brag when it comes to being able to rip out a layout or a marketing piece. In school art class my depiction of people was always by way of stick. Later in life my great artistic ability or lack thereof did not change when I got my first computer. If I was going to run a viable virtual tour company in Northern Michigan, if I was going to be the “Online property marketing expert” I told all of our providers to become, I would need something with punch and pizzazz. Aka…I needed to look to the Real Tour Vision business startup CD that we give out to all of our virtual tour providers when they start up their virtual tour company.

It was there that we told everyone to get the foundations for their power point presentations, virtual tour company fliers, contracts and brochures. Surely our business startup CD would help BlueLaVa be the best looking and sharpest virtual tour company in Traverse City.

It was actually quite funny when I started going through the CD. How on Earth could our providers use this stuff? Where were the goods? Where are my basics? Surely there must have been some kind of mistake. I had been given the wrong CD upon startup. Somehow I received a CD from 2004. I am not a detective by any means but I say 2004 because all of the powerful hard hitting stats on the CD were quoted from internet studies done in 2004. I would have to find an updated business startup CD so I could get on with setting up my virtual tour company.

I was shocked to find out that I was indeed given our most current and up to date marketing CD. “Nope, this is our most current business startup CD. That’s it.”, they told me. It’s horrifying to sit back now and look at how over the years I told many a virtual tour provider to use that business startup CD to make an order form, setup a pricing template, create a slim jim or tri-fold brochure. It is horrifying because it appeared to me to be completely impossible. The only settling and hopeful thought that came to me after this realization was the likelihood that most of our providers would be much more artistically talented than myself. One thing was for sure, we had certainly let our business startup CD fall behind. If our providers were going to compete and hit the competition hard we would have to overhaul this puppy and soon. But how?

So here I am with dated stats and marketing materials all in the format of a PDF which I had no clue as how to edit or manipulate. Meanwhile, BlueLaVa is crying for a grand opening flyer, a price sheet and a simple information packet. I am nearly bald from ten hours of getting nowhere with Microsoft office and I was literally drawing stick people when I realized it was midnight. I should have been home for the day hours ago. I was truly as helpless as the owner of a sick goldfish. That’s it, Real Tour Vision corporate would have to buy a marketing company…and fast.

Jason LaVanture
Owner / Organizer
Virtual Tours of Grand Traverse
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