Rock Pointe Marketing Gets provider Praise!

Hello Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers. I would like to personally thank all of you who have made 2007 a great year for RPM marketing and Real Tour Vision. We can’t begin to tell you all how excited we are about 2008 as we will continue to shift gears alongside Real Tour Vision to bring you the latest marketing materials and programs.

The RPM marketing system is the FIRST EVER 100% virtual tour company marketing system and it is available ONLY to Real Tour Vision service providers world wide. If you are a Real Tour Vision provider and have yet to try it out check out some of the testimonials below.

“We used the presentation last week at a new clients office and picked up a couple of tours, one the same day!” -Chris Grumley, Florida Eye Tours, LLC

“You are doing a GREAT job!” – Dawn Shaffer –

I am just starting out as a RTV provider. A one man operation. Your marketing program is very good. It may take me a while to implement several of the concepts but they will payoff in the long run. – Bobby Goolsby,

That’s just three testimonials from our 445 current members. If you are an RTV provider and would like to give the Real Tour Vision / RPM marketing system a test drive visit today and SAVE!!!

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““Several years ago when I decided to start a virtual tour company, I set out to research and find the best virtual tour solution. That is when I discovered Real Tour Vision. I started my virtual tour company and produced my first 200 interactive virtual tours in record time. It was then that I realized my methods, materials and techniques should be made available to every RTV provider worldwide. It is refreshing reading your great testimonials, knowing that my passion for marketing has such a positive impact on a large knowledgeable network of virtual tour business owners.” –Cheryl
The only marketing program available for virtual tour providers!