Real Tour Vision Acquires Rock Pointe Marketing

Real Tour Vision Announces Acquisition of Rock Pointe Marketing!!

We are excited to announce the acquisition of our former marketing partner, Rock Pointe Marketing. In addition to the acquisition, former owner Cheryl Waller has joined our team to head-up our new in-house marketing and training department. Cheryl brings her experience in internet marketing, website design, search engine optimization, copy writing, corporate training, business ownership and the virtual tour industry. She will work with closely with RTV virtual tour providers and business owners in the designing and implementation of their own strategic marketing plans on local marketplace levels worldwide.

She will also head up the creation of training webinars designed to coach our virtual tour providers on how to train their clients and customers in internet marketing. The addition of the marketing and training department will enable Real Tour Vision to be the first in the virtual tour industry to offer individualized marketing support and training to business owners and real estate agents across the globe.

The RPM marketing center has both free materials and pay per materials for inner circle members. We are very dedicated this year to making sure our free marketing materials get a 2008 face lift so our non members have full access to great looking pieces as well. Our inner circle members can expect to see an abundance of materials ranging from canned newsletters and documents, ready to go press releases, more PowerPoint presentations, several new provider flyers, brochures and even flash presentations.

We have simplified the membership process to a 3, 6 and 12 month package and moving forward there will be no additional pay per items. If you are an inner circle member on any of our programs you will have full access to EVERYTHING that we create!!! Click HERE to see the online price list.

For a limited time only we are also offering free tour credits when you sign up for one of our marketing bundles. Visit Remember that you must register to sign into the marketing center and registration is FREE.

Finally, the RTV staff would like to take this chance to give Cheryl a huge welcome. We are so excited and just love the energy this new addition will bring to our virtual tour providers and corporation.

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