Professional Virtual Tour Photographers Make a Difference

What does it say about a real estate agent when they show up to a client’s home and shoot one of those poorly lit slideshow type virtual tours or one of those nauseating quarter pan type virtual tours? It’s says, “Hi, I’m your agent and I’m too cheap to hire a real photographer and spend money to market your home”.

We see these every day in the industry since digital cameras are so inexpensive. Many real estate agents think they can save money by buying into one of those “do it yourself” virtual tour packages or they shoot images for the MLS with their $200 camera and lens they got at a drugstore. The end result is bad images in a bad slideshow that the agent tries to pass off as a virtual tour.

Ever notice how you see a photo of the front of a house that was taken from clear across the street and the house looks like a postage stamp in the image? This is because the use of those inexpensive cameras. A professional virtual tour photographer will use the right lens and take the shot in the front yard so the person searching for a home can see the house clearly. It never ceases to amaze me just how many agents will use such bad images in their marketing.

Two weeks ago after I uploaded a real 360 virtual tour for a client. We were searching her broker’s website for comps in the area to see what other agents were doing for marketing, and up pops a listing that had a DIY virtual tour. The agent had taken one of those “nauseating pans” from the landing of the stairs looking towards the foyer. The funny thing was, it was laid on it’s left side and panning back and forth, my agent looked at me and asked “What the heck is that?”, so I turned my laptop on it’s side and that’s when you could see it was a half pan from the ceiling to the floor. I couldn’t believe it and the agent busted up laughing and said “That’s my local competition?”

So real estate agents and brokers, in today’s tough marketplace it pays in the long run to hire a professional virtual tour photographer. It makes you look more professional and you’ll save time and money overall because you will sell more homes by using crisp clear images and a truly interactive virtual tour that can be posted on multiple websites. If you’re a homeowner, you need to make sure you choose an agent who is willing to hire a real professional to shoot your home’s virtual tour.

William McCauley
Cincinnati Virtual Tour Company
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