Professional Virtual Tour Company Has Advantages

As a virtual tour provider in South Jersey, I have had the opportunity to work with many different real estate agents. Since each agent is self-employed under their brokerage, I see the different techniques each agent uses to ensure their own success.

Over time, I have become adept at seeing each agent’s strengths and weaknesses in their marketing techniques. I have seen the most elaborate flyers, business cards with front of home pictures, gift cards, and cocktail house warming parties thrown for the new homeowner – to pitiful looking hand drawn maps to the location, handwritten house descriptions on a blank sheet of paper that had been photocopied so many times the script lay crookedly, strewn across the page.

One of my agents definitely stands above my other agents. He is the one that if I were to sell my own home, I would want as my representative. How does he do his job so differently than the rest? How does he obtain his listings at an aggressive rate compared to other agents and turn them over so quickly-even in today’s market? I am a professional photographer. It’s what I went to college for, and is my passion. But ten years ago, I became curious about the game of real estate and went to Polley Real Estate School to learn the game. And learn I did. But working with this agent so closely let me pick the brain of an actual agent who I had proof was exceeding his competition. And pick I did.

How did he do it? VERY EASILY! He wrote a business plan that he follows for every property he receives. His plan has become foolproof and his earnings were proof that the plan was golden. He told me when he first started in the business he tried to take on the entire project himself. He did mailings, obtained listings, used his camera to take his own photographs, and he used a do-it-yourself virtual tour program that turned into a very time consuming process. He couldn’t even consider designing a floor plan – he would need computer software and of course the time it would take to learn to use the software, let alone the time it would take to measure each property. Each listing he received was taking up all of his time. It was time to revise his plan.

He made the plan foolproof by hiring SLP Virtual Tours. He wrote into his plan that EVERY listing deserved a professional photographer and a professional virtual tour. Not only would this impress his clients, it would give him the leverage online he needed against his competition. His tours looked the most professional which enhanced his reputation for quality. He was everywhere on the internet and word of mouth was spreading quickly. The money he was spending on using a professional virtual tour provider was most definitely well spent. It was much cheaper than the newspaper and the virtual tours lasted online for an entire year, not a day or week. It allowed him the time he needs to continue marketing, while the tour company takes care of the time-consuming specifics. Using SLP Virtual Tours gave him more services than his do-it-yourself kit too! He could order Panoriders for his sale signs and 2D or 3D Floor Plans to give viewers a better understanding of the layouts! After learning that 7-8% of home buyers find their house on, he jumped at the chance to add that on to his list of services with SLP Virtual Tours. He could finally just concentrate on selling and catering to his clients without all the extra side work! Bliss!

Following his plan has launched him into receiving the most prestigious awards in real estate! His turnover rate is astounding and his income has allowed his wife to stay at home and raise their family.

Every successful business owner has a plan and selling homes is no different. Agents also understand that it takes money to make money, and partnering with a top virtual tour company in the industry can make all the difference in the world! By forming a close relationship, he knows he can call us whenever he wants to vent or bounce ideas off of someone who is in the business who is not competing with him, but joining him in the pursuit of making his clients happy.

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