New High Tech 3D Guided Tours

RISMEDIA, Dec. 19, 2007- GeoData Technologies recently introduced SiteSeer3dTM, a Web-based real estate sales solution that gives agents and their customers the ability to digitally tour a home, a business or acreage in 3-dimensional (3D) through up-to-date satellite imagery that shows terrain and structures along with buyer-selected data choices in relationship to a specific property. Using SiteSeer3d agents can attract, serve and satisfy more clients simultaneously, drive time out of the sales cycle, and improve their close rate.

“Agents digitally ‘fly’ prospects around the property, showing the site and landscape from a very up-to-date, 3D perspective,” says Bill Cady, GeoData Technologies Co-founder. “Buyers literally visit the site-including the neighborhood, schools, parks and businesses-without setting foot on the ground. Further, there is simultaneous access to live data sources related to services and lifestyle. Agents use SiteSeer3d to quickly shortlist buyers down from dozens of long shot properties to a just a handful of real possibilities.”

According to the company, with SiteSeer3d, the buyer can tour independently from the agent’s Web site, sit side-by-side with the agent, or the agent can guide a distant buyer using SiteSeer3d’s remote tour guide capabilities. On a guided tour, the buyer ‘rides along’ via his or her computer as the agent drives using SiteSeer3d to explore properties from the brokerage or office.

SiteSeer3d guided tours are invaluable with out-of-town prospects hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

“SiteSeer3d is a brilliant high tech sales solution,” says Greg Manship, chief executive officer of the Intermountain MLS in Boise, Idaho. “I believe our membership will enjoy immediate positive results using this unique and powerful real estate sales tool.”

The company says that SiteSeer3d adds star appeal to the agent, broker and MLS Web presence. In the crowded real estate market space, discerning buyers and sellers are looking for a high technology differentiator in the hands of a high performance agent and company.

For more information, visit or call 208-255-7215.

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