Montana Virtual Tour Company Celebrates First Year

Thank you Real Vision Tour for changing my life! I had been a career real estate secretary for 11 years. Sitting at a desk answering phones, being micro-managed by sometimes 10 different agents could make you start blogging on “ I hate my boss” websites… At times, it was so hard to go to work in the morning, wondering if I quit, what would I do? NOT ANY MORE!

It was a risk, leaving the safety of a paycheck and security, however….I am officially celebrating my 1st successful year being a Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider. Over the years I had made many contacts of different offices, and business networking and was able to get in the field with the advantage of knowing a few people. Next thing I know by word of mouth, real estate agents I have never heard of have my card and are making appointments!

I did the research for months, I looked at every virtual tour company on the market and found Real Tour Vision to be the most professional, high-tech and quality company and was sold. I was RIGHT! Real Tour Vision has far gone over my expectations and has helped me in every way possible.

I have contracts with many different agencies and am starting to travel more with my tripod and camera. Meeting new people, and going to amazing places I would have never have gone if I was still stuck at my old desk. And I love my boss…(me)! I look forward to another successful year! Thank You!

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Jen May
Lakeside Montana Virtual Tours