A Little Healthy Competition

When Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours opened its doors 3 years ago in the Shreveport/Bossier City, La. area, 360 virtual tours were almost unheard of in the area. We set to work building a market and the idea took off quickly. As our market began to grow, other virtual tour companies began to notice. It was not long before we had competitors come into the area wanting a slice of the market we had worked so hard to build. At first this was discouraging, but the benefits of a little competition quickly became obvious.

The other company, with its Do-It-Yourself technology and low price for unlimited tours got its foot into doors we had previously been unable to open. They got those clients that were willing to try virtual tours, but did not want to spend much on them. Once these clients tried visual tours, they began to realize the benefits, and the possibilities. They also began to realize that the quality of tour they put out there speaks volumes about them and their marketing. It wasn’t long before they wanted a high quality, professionally created, 360 interactive tour which could be used for marketing. That’s when we started to get the calls from those previously uninterested realtors.

It turns out that the competition drove them right to our doorstep. Once again RTV’s superior product provided by a professional company offering an array of marketing options and full service support won out.

Thanks RTV!

Rebecca Bolda
Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours
Shreveport Virtual Tour Company
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