Leaving a Paper Trail

We all look for that great idea to promote our virtual tour business but sometimes the simplest things are overlooked. One of the crucial marketing tools you can utilize (outside of the internet) is your business card. That little piece of paper can do wonders if used correctly. Not only does it give your contact information, but it portrays your company and what you do. The design and info that it contains is important since you want to convey a message in a single glance, but that is another topic.

There are many ways to distribute your card such as in mailings, at community network meetings or in every day conversations. The best marketing is free and by using your business cards you can get that by leaving one at every location you shoot a tour. Especially the vacant homes tours. Ever notice how Realtors leave their cards on the counter? Of course they want the listing agent to know they showed the home, but if they see your card sitting there amongst the others, they may take it or write down your info to contact you. They will also view the tour to see the quality work you do and how the virtual tour can be an asset to their virtual tour company marketing. I may even contact them to mention that I saw their card at the home and ask if they would be interested in our services.

Business owners will pass on the card to others or keep it for future reference when they need a tour updated. They may even have a small display for other local companies to leave their cards and you should take advantage of those. Just think of the business card as your ‘silent marketing employee’ that you never have to pay! Get them out there so they can go to work.

Let’s have a great new year and be safe in your travels.


Rob Lenthe

Remote Global Viewing
S.Nevada/Utah Virtual Tour Creator
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