IDX Virtual Tour Photographer Inventory Pages

I’ve been a virtual tour provider in Blowing Rock, North Carolina for awhile now. I’ve come up with a new plan to have an IDX inventory page attached to my own website. This will be advantageous to me and to the real estate agents I work with (or want to work with).

On my site there can be a page with a nice thumbnail shot of each home and a link to the unbranded virtual tour. Now since the virtual tour itself has no contact or affiliate information on it (option 4b ), but does have the MLS number, the agent will still be able to look it up. Any agent can go to my site see all of my virtual tours at once and show them to their clients. The agent can show the virtual home tour as if they were their own and their client will not see other agent’s info.

I hope everyone at RTV and my fellow virtual tour providers had a wonderful holiday season! I did special homemade goodie baskets for my clients. I printed a cool lining for the basket (covered with clear wrap) with photos and my logo all over it so as they snack they saw my logo. Just another way to be memorable!

Douglas Meyers
Blowing Rock North Carolina Virtual Tours
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