Distribution of 360 Virtual Tours

As a Dayton Ohio virtual tour provider for RTV, it was great for me to see the release of the new virtual tour hit stat reports . Here the Dayton – Cincinnati area the feedback I have got so far is great, my clients love it and say they like the fact that it is filled with more detail then before, but the lack of the email counter has some of my clients disappointed, but with new virtual tour reports being more in depth of a report now and showing what the referring sites are, this makes it easier for your clients to target areas where they are getting a lot of traffic, but, are you sure the numbers are right? I have clients who get a 100 hits a day easy, granted they are resort tours. I have found the hit numbers to be right on the money and I have been doing testing to see it in action and then showing my clients.

Do you have those “refrigerator magnet” agents, you know the ones who are older than dirt and are still using a headshot from the 60’s back when they were still 30 and refuse to understand how to maximize this media, by sending the tour to sites like Realtor.com. They place the link on the MLS and then get all upset at you because the tour gets no hits or only one or two a month, you know the type, right? We all have these types of agents and most of them will only use you once because they refuse to send out the tour links and make up their mind that virtual tours don’t work and silly free slide show is good enough or stop using any type of virtual media altogether.

Without virtual tour distribution the tour is literally no good at all. That is why I do what is called “gorilla” marketing. I push the virtual tours to as many places on the web as possible for the real estate agents. This does 2 things, one it will show in search engines and hit on the keywords and two you will drive traffic to your clients tour and spike the numbers that show up in those virtual tour reports. Yesterday I did this on two real estate tours and on one it had 19 hits in 24 hrs. With in the first 5 hours there was 10 hits. were talking a tour that ZERO hits in two weeks and the listing is 3 weeks old and the only hits before that were the home owner and listing agent looking at the tour. Once they saw the numbers spike it was pretty hard for them to say using those sites are a waste of their time or “those don’t work”.

Here it is 35 hours later and those tours show up in yahoo and Google searches in my local landing pages and there in the ad is my company name and website address. I then called the agent and told them I would be sending and report to them that will show them the number of people I drove to their listing by distributing the virtual tour. I explain to them that if they want to get the most out of their tours it is in their best interest to get it linked out to as many sites a they can, such as realtor.com and the others, but the use of the free ad’s only cost them the ten minutes or so it took to place the ad and by doing so two times a week they will keep the listing at the top of the pages.

Because I think outside box and I’m always seeking out the best way to get the most out of my marketing dollars, I landed a very large commercial account this week, while talking to the president of this company, I talked about the many ways I was using free advertising to improve my local landing page ranking. None of those high priced marketing agency’s had done something so simple as what I’m talking about, this president loved my ideas and we talked an hour and a half and spent time searching the net together to see where he ranked and where my efforts were paying off in my rankings. It’s not always about throwing money at problem to solve it or get a better result, sometimes it’s about using you brain power. If you really think
the numbers are wrong, then reset the counter in the reports page in TMS in the lower left hand corner and start it over.

William McCauley
Dayton – Cincinnati virtual tours
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