Customers Provide Ideas for New Markets!

A&D Marketing Solutions has been a Virtual Tour provider in Central Florida for over three years. As is often the case, most of our new virtual tour service ideas result from a customer suggestion or request. Just this past week a customer called and asked if we could provide a virtual tour of a house that was under construction.

We have provided many virtual tours of newly built homes throughout Central Florida, so we assumed that by under construction they meant the final landscaping hadn’t been completed or that maybe the appliances hadn’t been installed yet. Boy were we surprised when we arrived at the property to find a house that had not yet even been dry walled! As it turns out the customer wanted us to provide a virtual tour of this construction site for two purposes. The first was to provide the out of town home owners with an update on the progress of their new home and the second was for insurance documentation purposes.

While we have heard of other Full Service Virtual Tour Companies providing insurance documentation virtual tours, we had never really given this market much consideration, until now! The customer wanted 360 degree virtual spins of every room in this 6000 sq ft, oceanfront house and also a way to “tie” in the still shots of the ceilings in each room into an interactive presentation he could present to the homeowner. Because our 360 virtual tours are interactive, we were able to utilize hot spots to tie this 70 scene virtual tour together into a very nice presentation. The customer was very satisfied, and now we have a new market niche to explore!

Cathal & Michelle Duffy
Central Florida Virtual Tour Provider
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