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When Realtors® look at what has worked and what has not in 2007 then always say that the best way to market their listing is with an interactive 360Virtual Tour. As a Virtual Tour company in Houston I always brainstorm with my realtors on what works and what doesn’t. I always try to give them a great marketing plan for their listing starting with a virtual tour.

Just yesterday I had an agent call me and to let me know that a lot of people are NOT looking at the virtual tour on her listing. I asked her some questions about what she is doing to get the virtual tour out to her buyers and to the realtors she works with. We all know what the answer is…that agent just put it on the local MLS and hoped for the best. I then explained that she could download the virtual tour and email it to her buyers and to other realtors that she has done business with in the past. You never know who might have a buyer for that property. I also asked if she had us upload it to Realtor.com. Once again the answer is obvious. She had not. Just having a virtual tour created on your listing does not mean it is going to do the job. You must get the word out with E-flyers, realtor.com and emails. Let everyone you know that you have a listing with a virtual tour.

Now that realtor is adding other features to her virtual tour to be able to market her home to potential buyers in the local market and nation wide. Do not stop at the Virtual Tour with your clients. Always suggest other great marketing items to them to enhance your virtual tour.

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