Virtual Tours in a Buyer’s Market

Right now the real estate market is a buyer’s market. In a buyer’s market you reach the buyers by giving them what they desire, which is convenience and information. Buyers are demanding 360 virtual tours so they can explore homes online at their convenience. Since there are so many homes on the market, a listing agent really needs to make their property stand out in creative ways. A few still shots of a home will not grab the attention of a tech savvy shopper.

The demand for virtual tours is a great opportunity for real estate agents to take advantage of a very cost efficient marketing tool. Virtual tours offer a 24/7 open house at the fraction of the cost of other advertising methods. The virtual tour also provides the agent with a pre-qualified lead that is interested in buying the home. Encourage real estate agents to go 100% virtual and maximizing their advertising dollars.

I hear stories time and time again of buyers that are searching for a home and have passed up properties that don’t have virtual tours. Then several months down the road the real estate agent will put up a virtual tour on the property and all of a sudden the property generates interest and sells. I had a broker tell me they were so glad they made the decision to put real estate virtual tours on all of their listings because their sales have been increasing and they love the cost efficiency of the virtual tours.

Ben Knorr
Real Tour Vision
Traverse City Virtual Tour Company