Virtual Tours from a Homebuyer’s Perspective

This week I’ve been looking for a home in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. My agent did a lot of searching but I also got on and looked for myself. Here’s the funny thing…if a listing did not have multiple photos or a virtual tour, I just moved on! I really didn’t think about it. It’s just that if there was only a photo of the front of the house (or no photo) I wasn’t interested. I know you think I probably am a little biased, but the reality is that when looking for a home my first thought was if there aren’t any photos, what are they hiding?

As a virtual tour provider in Wisconsin and Illinois, I know how important it is to showcase a listing properly with good photos and a virtual tour. Now I an convinced! If you aren’t taking multiple photos of your listings or getting a real estate home tour, you are missing out on a large number of potential buyers on the internet.

And now for the good news! I found a house (it’s the cutest little thing!) and the owners accepted our offer yesterday. And yes, it did have multiple photos and a virtual tour!

Have a great week,

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