Virtual Tours – Beyond Real Estate

My Merrit Island virtual tour company has felt no pain in the current real estate downturn. Restaurants, hotels, gyms, tourist attractions, etc are all businesses that need virtual tours. Do a tour of a restaurant, the dining room, grounds etc. and then offer to do 10 or 15 speciality items from their menu also. That way customers can see what their food really looks like. I add a couple of pans in with the food so it doesn’t get boring. I charge a lot more for a business virtual tour than for a real estate virtual tour.

I have an even better idea than just doing a single business. Go to your Chamber of Commerce and offer to do all the tours for their partners. Each partner pays for their own 360 virtual tour and perhaps even offer a special rate. Set up a link that goes to a separate website, belonging to you of course, and maintain that site for the chamber. My chamber has over 2,000 members so I will be busy for awhile. If your chamber is small then spread out to other area chambers. If the website is yours and the chamber and their partners are happy with your work what more could you ask for?

I have expanded my virtual tour business like you would not believe. I have done multimillion dollar businesses and resorts and when I got a little tired of that I went out and did “Lone Cabbage.” I did their tour from an airboat and we went out hunting alligators (Cameras only no guns!) for a couple of hours. Check out Lone Cabbage on my website under Chamber of Commerce Partners.

Our virtual tour businesses are a gold mine for each and every one of us. Here’s wishing everyone wonderful days ahead with earnings that will meet your highest goals.

Jeannie Nickerson
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