Virtual Tour Traffic Reporting 2.0 is Here!

Real Tour Vision is proud to announce Virtual Tour Hit Reporting 2.0! These all new hit statistic reports will not only show where virtual tour views and leads are coming from but they also display which rooms and scenes from within the 360 tours are being viewed the most. This slick new reporting system works for all Real Tour Vision virtual tour types in the Real Tour Vision system and is made possible because of the layout of the new TMS.

Our virtual tour reporting system has been engineered to work specifically with our new virtual tour window and will only display traffic reports on virtual tours that are hosted by the Real Tour Vision server facility.

Click here to view a Virtual Tour Hit Report

We have opted to keep our original virtual tour reporting system online and older virtual tour hit reports are still available to our virtual tour providers from withing the virtual tour management system. And, by popular demand, we will be keeping our secret “On Demand” hit stat button active which is located directly on our virtual tour window. Our on demand virtual tour traffic button will now programmed to display our new stat reporting page when pressed.

The new hit reporting system also allows all of our virtual tour providers to automatically send out weekly virtual tour reports by adding email addresses to a “Hit List”. These weekly hit reports will keep everyone involved up to date and able to monitor where marketing dollars and efforts pay off the most.

As with all of the features within the Real Tour Vision system we will continually be making modifications to the hit reporting system based on our client’s feedback. It is our dedication to keep our technology at the cutting edge of virtual tour technology.

Thanks for your support!

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