Virtual Tour Reminders

At our virtual tour company, Lawrence Virtual Tour, we pride ourselves in helping our customers. With our email software’s calendar feature it is getting easier to keep up with our listings, with the expiration dates and most important the tour updates.

Every month, at the “month-anniversary” date of one of my virtual tours, I have set up an automatic reminder to check in with the realtor to see if they need anything. At the 12 month anniversary I receive an email to remind me to:

1- Give the stats to my realtor on his virtual tour

2- Ask him for any changes on the house (maybe a price reduction in this tough market?)

3- Ask him about any changes he would like to see (like the top banner or contact info updated)

4- And most important, it’s my excuse to ask him if he needs any new virtual tours while I look proactive and helpful…

So get to know how your email software can send automatic reminders, and how to manage your calendar! Most email software programs have this function now. Prepare a ‘standard email’ template and just fill in the blanks. It is so much easier to get repeat business from virtual tour clients than to have to go find a new client!!

Kate Huchet

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