A Virtual Tour Family

As an Evansville Indiana virtual tour provider, I thought I would pass along my holiday wishes to all of the other Real Tour Vision providers and the Real Tour Vision home office. As you know, Real Tour Vision is a great company to be associated with. I have been with the company since September and have found nothing but encouragement and help from everyone associated with Real Tour Vision.

Last week it was my turn to give back. I had a new provider email me about a 360 virtual tour that I had posted to the blog. He had a photography question which I was more than happy to help him with. We emailed back and forth and I gave him several tips on how my business partner and I contact new clients and got our business going. He thanked me for being so forthcoming with advice.

It reminded me of our first week in virtual tour company, when I called several random providers and solicited advice from them. I was surprised how candid everyone was with the details of running their virtual tour businesses. It was with this advice we were able to try new things and acquire clients. Even though we are a two man operation, I feel like I am part of a much larger family. A family that will do whatever it takes to see each other succeed. Take care and have a safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

Brad Hahn
Evansville Indiana Virtual Tours
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