Using 360 Virtual Tours as Advertising

As an Evansville Indiana virtual tour provider, I thought I would pass along a couple of virtual tours I did recently. Both were promotional and were created to show off what our new virtual tour business could do. The first was for the local Red Cross chapter.

I worked closely with their website designer and she was very happy with the results. She put it on the front page of their website and emailed it to 1200 of their corporate partners.

The second was for Crossroads Christian Church, the largest church in Evansville.

Once again, I worked closely with them and they were very pleased with the results. They turned it into a church project and the pastor even provided the music and voiceover. The 360 virtual tour is now on the front page of their website, which is how they communicate with their 2000+ congregation.

I also placed both virtual tours on the front page of our CustomTours360 website.

All this cost me was my time and 2 tour credits, but it has potentially exposed Customtours360 and Real Tour Vision to over 3000 people, many of whom are realtors, business owners etc. All in all, it was a very inexpensive form of advertising for our new virtual tour company.

Brad Hahn & Steve Ricker
Evansville Virtual Tour Company
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