Put Your Hotspots in Line

Everything you do in your virtual tour company speaks to the customer about the quality of your work! When a virtual tour scene is well composed it is easy to look at and it makes a positive impression on the mind. When a virtual tour scene requires multiple hotspots, accurate placement really makes a difference to the viewer.

Here is a great way to bring an extra measure of quality to your 360 virtual tours by placing hotspots precisely in each scene. This process will allow you to line up multiple hotspots easily and quickly in your scene, relative to any reference point and at any angle, up, down, or sideways.

Beg, borrow, build or buy a clear Angle-Linear Ruler like the one pictured here. This device has two see-through ruler arms attached at a pivot in the middle so they can be placed at any angle relative to each other.

Place one section of the ruler along the bottom lip of your monitor and angle the other section so it interacts visually the way you want it within the image in the Tour Builder screen. You can adjust the placement of virtual tour software window on the monitor so the part of the image you are working on is behind the ruler. Look at the cursor through the clear plastic and use the lines and markings on the ruler to guide the cursor for perfect hotspot placement. Voila!

Ross Goldberg
Level Best Interactive
Scarborough Maine Virtual Tours
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