John Cobb Talks Virtual Tours

Interactive 360 Virtual Tours are a great way to enhance your real estate listings. We all know by now that homes with more pictures get more activity than those without pictures. Homes with 360 virtual tours get more activity then those with just still pictures. Letting the prospect and home shopper interact with your listings online keeps people coming back for more and stirs emotion. Even more so than simply looking at still images on the web or watching a real estate video virtual tour! It is that simple call to action a true interactive virtual tour employs such as moving around and clicking of the mouse is really makes the difference.

As far as pricing goes, most of my fellow agents out there already know that the average cost to buy a 360 virtual tour is about $100. One hundred for each listing can really add up, especially if the home doesn’t sell right away. I’m glad I started building my own interactive virtual tours with Real Tour Vision. It a great listing tool to be able to tell my sellers that I have my own equipment and do my own virtual tours on each and every listing.

I am really looking forward to using 360 virtual tours to help promote my builder and get more Pre-solds. The problem with using virtual tours in the past with Pre-solds is that they would expire after one year or when the home sold. The virtual tour I build myself with Real Tour Vision will be good for 2 years. The number of scenes is also greater with tours you build yourself – 30 scenes makes for an outstanding interactive end user experience!! I’ve built two virtual tours so far and the results are very professional.

I do spend a lot more time now producing each virtual tour rather than just picking up the phone and having someone else take care of it for me, but the time is well worth it. I created my own banner by using a program called Banner Maker Pro 7 and it is a free download that was very simple to use. I created the banner, edited my profile, and added two 360 tours for a very professional final product for my buyers and my sellers. Real Tour Vision virtual tour software keeps getting better and better all the time. Thanks RTV!

John Cobb
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