Jersey Shore Virtual Tours Offers Five Pack

Real Tour Vision suggested that I should pre-sell 360 virtual tours in the form of a “five-pack” to my new and existing customers. Initially, I was unconvinced that this would work. Nonetheless, I implemented a “five-Pack” tour package offering that included five 360 virtual tours at a 10% discount from my ala carte rate.

After a few months I began selling around 2 packages every week! Aside from receiving a 10% discount, customers love the package option because they don’t have to worry about making payment arrangements every time they place an order, which actually results in increased order volume. Not only do I receive payment upfront, which satisfies my cash flow demands, but pre-selling the real estate virtual tours has tremendously helped to maintain long term relationships with my real estate agent customers. Word of my “five-pack” offering is catching on and I am now taking calls from real estate agents I don’t even know who are interested in buying virtual tour packages after hearing about it from one of their associates.

Do yourself a favor and start by offering a “five-pack” to some of your loyal customers. Make sure there is no expiration date for the virtual tour credits. Once you feel comfortable offering packages to them, you can start offering packages to every other real estate agent and brokerage firm in your area. I now offer packages to every real estate agent I come into contact with and I have a closing ratio of nearly 70%!

Zivko M. Grcic
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