Home Sellers Drive Your Virtual Tour Company

Over the last few months providing virtual tours in Bend central Oregon, I have gotten a few calls from realtors whom I call ‘reluctant customers’. Listening to their tone or what they are saying, you can tell they are reluctant to use virtual tours. “My seller wants me to do a virtual tour”. In many cases, the clients are the ones driving this which is GREAT. Often times, agents can’t see the forest for the trees: they are caught up in going to MLS meetings and broker opens; taking out that same advertisement in the Saturday paper, because it is what they and other brokers have done for years. Their clients however know how buyers find and look for homes: on the internet, viewing 360 virtual tours. In many cases, the clients are the ones responsible for bringing their agents (kicking and screaming) into the 21st century.

When I get one of these ‘reluctant agent’ calls, I talk about how we deliver a finished 360 tour, as easy to link to their MLS as updating a listing. Then I make the appointment. Getting this tour booked is pretty easy- I mean their seller is insisting on the tour, so they HAVE to get it done. Don’t make the mistake of talking about all the benefits of virtual tours during this conversation. Just get the booking and make sure they are the ones that meet you to let you in to the home. With no sellers present.

What many of these agents have in mind is getting this tour done, getting their client to shut up, and going right back to doing business the way they always have.

Don’t let them.

When shooting the tour, engage them in conversation. Find out exactly why they are reluctant to do virtual tours. Ask questions and LISTEN.

Often times these agents want to offer interactive 360 virtual tours and other services, but they lack the expertise. Or they don’t have the time. The Real Tour Vision provider can be their technological consultant. Discuss with them how easy it is to link the tour, to email the tour and how we can link the tour to realtor.com. Also remember that publishing the virtual tour to realtor.com now places that 360 tour on over 90 websites!! Take a look for yourself:

If they are successful, comfortable with technology and busy, discuss with them how easy it is to call you and get the tour done. I like to use the analogy of going to Jiffy Lube for an oil change- just because I know how to change my oil does not mean I do. My time is worth too much.

If they indicate that are a little bit shy of new technology, talk to them in terms of being their technology consultant. Show them how easy it is to download the tour (or you can make them a CD Disk). Talk to them about how they can have this virtual tour available to show to their next prospect when they are making a listing presentation. Realtors use consultants all the time: CPAs, attorneys, home inspectors. They don’t have to know everything about the technology: they just have to know you-the RTV provider and local online marketing expert!

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