Google Alerts Keep you on Top of Your Business

I like to keep up with what’s going on in the world of virtual tours. It’s a good idea to have a sense of what, why and how people are using virtual tours. I used to go to Google News ( and just type in “virtual tours” once in a while to see what articles it finds, but I’ve found even a better way to get Google news. It’s called a Google Alert. You can set up a Google Alert to send you daily, weekly or “as-it-happens” alerts by email. You can customize the alert to a particular search phrase such as “Virtual Tour”. Google will then search news articles, press releases, blogs, etc… and deliver you the goods. I have mine set up so that once a week, Google will send me an email containing every new article about virtual tours it can find. It is usually about 10-20 articles a week and it gives me a great understanding of what is out there in the virtual tour world. It’s like having your very own Virtual Tour Industry Insider Report sent directly to you in the form of a short one page email complete with links and highlights.

Some of the most informative parts of the newsletter often come from right here in the virtual tour blog. Sometimes I get busy and don’t get a chance to check this blog out every day and it’s a good reminder of the wealth of information found here. It also gives me some great articles and material to link on my own website. Another great thing about Google Alerts is you can create separate alerts to keep up on just about anything. Another Alert I have is for “real estate marketing” which really helps me bring new ideas and services to my clients in my Tallahassee, FL virtual tour company.

Google also has another great tool called the Google Reader. This is great for keeping track of blogs and categorizing them for a better reading experience for the avid blog readers out there. I use it every day to add new blogs, and keep up on my favorites like this one, photography blogs, real estate marketing blogs and news and politics from sites I trust. You can see the results of my article and blog hunting on my website at where I keep my own blog and list articles that will help my own customers.

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