Benefit Your Virtual Tour Company With Organization

Have you ever awoke in the middle of the night with a great business idea for your virtual tour company, but forgotten it by morning? Or perhaps you were driving from one virtual tour to the next, but it slipped out of your mind after you arrived at your destination.

Good businesses always starts with good ideas. But all the good ideas in the world won’t help out your virtual tour company if you forget about them and never put them into action. Worse, all those good ideas can be downright distracting, causing you to lose focus and take longer than you should to complete tasks that need to be done now.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to capture those ideas and keep them from interrupting your day. Put them in writing.

Writing the ideas down in a notebook or journal is one good way of capturing your ideas. When you get an idea and don’t have the notebook with you, you can jot it down on a sticky note or put it in a Word document or email and print it out – then staple it into your notebook.

Another good way to capture ideas is to put them into a database on your computer. You can set up the database so you can enter categories for the ideas. You might set up categories for new ideas, marketing ideas, sales tactics, etc. When you get ideas and aren’t at your computer, write them down on whatever is handy and transfer them to your database as soon as you’re at your computer. Or, if you can send and receive email from your cell phone, send yourself an email with the idea, then copy the email into your database later on. I know some people even call themselves and leave a voice mail!!

Writing ideas down like this benefits you in several important ways. Capturing the idea saves it so it doesn’t flee away. Recording the idea in a place you can find it later “unclutters” your mind, allowing you to get back to shooting virtual tours or marketing your company without wasting time. Finally grouping all your ideas into a single location can help you see that proverbial big picture, which in turn, can motivate you to put your ideas into action.

So give it a try. Don’t let your good ideas slip away.

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