Austin Virtual Tour Company Loves RTV

In our Austin, Texas virtual tour company we have the opportunity to work with other organizations and services to market our virtual tours. This gives us a chance to see how other companies handle customer service, do updates, and run their businesses.

We found out this week that we are now going to be charged a large amount of money to upload photos and virtual tours to our real estate agent’s MLS listings. We did pay a fee per upload before, but now if we want to use the service we’ll be billed bi-annually to participate. We are willing to do this to service our agents but this really highlights the incredible support and updates we receive from Real Tour Vision without these nickel and dime charges.

Thank you RTV for seeing the BIG picture…when we look good, you look good! When you look good, we look good…

Thank you to your incredible staff that is always available to help us with our every technical, sales, or support needs. We love working with your to provide high quality real estate virtual tours to our clients!

Alan Fon
Island Digital Images
Austin Texas Virtual Tour Company

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