3D Walkthroughs as a Sales Tool

3D Walkthroughs are becoming an increasingly popular way of showcasing interior spaces. A few tips to keep in mind when selling a 3D Interior Walkthrough:

1. Displaying the 3D Animations on your Web site will encourage people to contact your business.

2. Mail or drop off a DVD of sample 3D Virtual Interior Walkthroughs to prospective buyers to increase inquiries to your services. Make sure to follow up your mailing with a call. This gives the prospect an opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

3. Consider including a price sheet with a low starting price to ensure interest through affordability.

4. Let the prospect know how the 3D Walkthroughs will act as an aid in their sales process by creating a visual for the prospect.

3D Animations are a perfect way to create an emotional connection between the buyer and the home while helping them visualize their new residence.

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Morgan Makowski
Real Tour Vision
Northern Michigan Virtual Tour Company