You Can’t Beat the Meet and Greet

Lately we have been trying to get a well known top-ranked national Real Estate company to add Real Tour Vision to their vendor list (although the main objective is to be the sole provider of virtual tours to them). We created a few tours for one of their agents to start. In visiting the broker’s office to show the Realtor how the virtual tours work, other agents there became interested in what we were doing.

Being there less than 30 minutes had at least 3 other real estate agents wanting to know more about our the Real Tour Vision virtual tours. They mentioned that they were currently using a do-it-yourself virtual tour subscription kit from Visual Tour and were going through many hassles of doing the tours themselves.

It is known that this real estate company is also getting setup to use another company called Previsite as well. Previsite is a one shot virtual tour lens system that is actually worse than a one shot lens. Is this even possible? YES it is because the virtual tours by Previsite are actually just a fish eye lens mounted onto a digital camera and you only take one photo of half the room and call it a day. That’s right…you don’t even get to see what is behind you with Previsite. In fact this system produces such low quality virtual tours compared to most of the other systems out there they remove themselves from liability of quality in line one of their terms of service.

To make it even worse the panoramas have very dark edges around the sides of them and because you have a huge fish eye lens on a small digital point and shoot camera you can’t even use the cameras on board flash system making your images even worse yet. When the agents that were using the Previsite system saw my virtual tours from the Real Tour Vision system they just stood there in awe wondering how they ever got hooked into such a system. At the end of the day Previsite is just another do-it-yourself low end virtual tour system that preys on people who just simply do not know.

During my presentation and comparison someone asked about the price difference if an RTV virtual tour provider did the tours or if they bought the RTV virtual tour software and made their own. I suggested that if a Realtor wants to spend their time doing tours instead of listing/selling, then let them see how productive their schedule gets. The leverage of using our virtual tour service is priceless!

After another presentation I found out that a Visual Tour rep came to realty offices here in Mesquite, Nevada to offer their services and every office that uses my virtual tour company Robo-Tours turned them away. Why?…because we’re that good and there is no comparison to RTV photo stitching software , precision stitching technology and tour window display using optically corrected images.

There are other ways to market your virtual tours, but nothing is as effective as visiting a local realtor’s office and introducing yourself. Once they see what you offer as compared to what they have seen in the past or are currently using the product simply sells itself. Meeting you in person seals the deal. The only way to become their sole vendor is to put RTV in front of the real estate agents since they are the ones using the service. Then there will be no need for other vendors – period!


Rob Lenthe
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