Virtual Tours as a Lone Web Presence

I am sure this is not an original idea, but thought it was worth mentioning. Business Virtual Tours as a substitute for websites or pending websites. There is this awesome Country Store/Gift Shop/Plant Nursery just up the road from me. I had asked the owner awhile back if they had a website, thinking that a virtual tour would be a great addition. She told me that she had someone “working on it”, but that it was not yet ready. This was several months ago.

The other day, I ran into her and again asked her about her website. She said they were STILL working on it. After talking to her for a few minutes I found out that she has already purchased the URL for her future site and has been waiting on the web designer (a friend of hers) to complete it. We talked about it for a bit, and I was able to convince her that a virtual tour would be a fast ,and inexpensive way to get her URL out there now! I am shooting the tour next week and am very excited! She said that she was about to order new menus (for their deli) and business cards, and was disappointed because she was not going to be able to put their web address on any of the new material. Well…now she can! Once the tour is complete she will just have to login to her account and point her web URL to the tour! We’ll make mention of the upcoming website, add her menu as the brochure, link the tour to both road and satellite maps, and MORE! Not to mention, she will now be able to give her web address to our local Chamber of Commerce to be added to the list of member websites, getting her business even more exposure. Once her official website is up and running she can simply add the virtual tour to it. No money wasted!

I have spoken to some small business owners in my area that do not feel they have the need for a website because they do not plan to sell anything online. Even though I may disagree with their thinking, RTV virtual tours are the perfect solution for these folks. We can offer them an inexpensive way to show off their businesses and services without all of the hassles of a full blown website. As with the Country Store, I will charge each business a small yearly maintenance/hosting fee that will include one update. They can add new brochures, change the Spinfo, or for an additional fee, have us come out and re-shoot any number of their pans/stills. This will be especially helpful to those businesses that offer different inventory for different seasons.

For example: The small clothing boutique that has very distinct summer and winter clothes/décor. RTV providers…this would be a great way to fill in the gaps during those not so busy months. Any small business could benefit from a virtual tour, website or not. And they would still be able to add that all-important website address to their business cards and marketing materials.

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