Virtual Tour Software Research PAYS OFF

When I first started looking at virtual tour software, it was solely to find a part-time small business that would serve a more creative distraction to my full time financial services career. I honed in on the 360 virtual tour industry as it combined my passion for photography with a service that truly benefits all involved. Like so many others, I researched my options extensively. Many companies are out there, and while this was only to be a part time venture, I wanted to ensure I aligned myself with a quality company and product. Long story short, like so many others, my search landed me at Real Tour Vision’s doors as they truly had the best photo stitching software out there. I also truly enjoyed speaking to my Real Tour Vision sales rep who answered my many questions and also shared his excitement about future advancements planned.

As fate would have it, soon after I purchased my virtual tour software, my family decided to move from Virginia to northeast Florida. I shelved my camera equipment and focused on the move that lay before us. My own personal reliance on virtual tours during our home search reinforced the value they afford prospective home buyers. I was able to preview homes and filter them down so that, on our trips down to Florida, we were able to focus only on the ones that were most appealing. And yes, there were many homes that sounded good but did not have a pictures or a tour that we totally passed up. My husband was not with me when I found the house we ended up buying. However, I was so excited on my walk through that our agent called him with the virtual tour address so that he could see it once again online. We made an offer that very night!

When the dust settled and we were in our new home, it was time to decide whether to pursue my virtual tour business. The only question was should it be on a part-time or full-time basis? My own experience and reliance on virtual tours during our move increased the value of the service I was to provide 10X in my eyes (yes, I know that 80% of home buyers also rely on the internet but going through the experience personally really reinforced it!). I decided to commit full-time. Ad Vantage Virtual Tours, LLC was formed to provide virtual tours in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. I am so incredibly glad that I initially took the time to research an absolutely great virtual tour software company. The bonus has been getting to know the network of providers I have since met who are so willing to share their experience and best practices to ensure we are all positioned for success.

Thank you RTV and RTV providers!

Trish Edmonds
Ad Vantage Virtual Tours, LLC
Jacksonville Virtual Tour Company
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