Virtual Tour Re-Linking Fees

About two years ago we made the decision to start charging clients for re-linking their tours to the local MLS system (the MRIS). As it turns out this was a good idea. We only charge $15 for the service, but if you think about it, it is a fair exchange for the service. After all, we have to spend time with the client talking about the change, then login into the system and actually make the change to the MLS number and submit that information to the MRIS. Finally we follow up with the client either by phone or email to let them know that the task is complete. All in all, this usually takes about 15 minutes adding all the components together.

So why was this a good idea? Well, a couple of weeks back we were flooded one day with Realtors that had pulled their listings from the MRIS and reloaded then to “freshen up” the listing. The result was half a day of work. Had we not charged the re-link fee, we would have worked half that day for free. And like most people in the world, our staff need to generate income to support our families. So half a day of income is pretty significant.

Another aspect of this is really that our Virtual Tour Services are provided at a fixed amount. This does not change if the work load of taking and integrating a few extra photographs increases on a specific property. In addition, as Virtual Tour Photographers, we don’t get paid unless we work. And if we are doing something for a client, we deserve to be compensated for our time (especially if the Virtual Tour has already been completed, and the order is closed). We are fortunate to have clients that understand this principle and have no problem with paying for additional services such as a small re-link fee. But there are few occasions when we have to provide the examples of why we charge what we charge. The key is to explain it to your client so they understand that you only get paid for the work you do – especially if the order has been completed and you are asked to revisit the tour.


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