Virtual Tour Company in North Carolina Takes Off

I started my Northeast North Carolina virtual tour company in April of this year and started doing virtual tours in May. I am about to reach my 50th tour this week. This is a great accomplishment in my rural area where the real estate market is really in a slump.

Real Tour Vision’s photo stitching software and Rock Point Marketing’s tools are what helps me to sell my tours. My virtual tour business is picking up! I show a sample to a prospective client and before I can finish my pitch and all my information, the 360 home tour is sold. I am gaining a lot of repeat business. My clients are starting to realize that for less than they pay for newspaper ads, they can have their listing on the internet and be seen all over the country. Some have paid up to several hundred dollars just in newspaper ads that run only for a few days.

I have one client who was at a Chamber of Commerce meeting raving about my tours. I was told by the Chamber that she was my walking billboard and commercial for Real Tour Vision. With this kind of advertising things can only get better. Also think about this…………the market is in a slump, what better way can the real estate agents be competitive in marketing their listings?

I tell my clients that I guarantee my work. The Real Tour Vision software makes it easy for me to tell if I messed up a scene. I have had to re-shoot a scene a couple of times. I let the client know that I don’t like the way the scene looks (white balance might be off a bit) or I tell them the truth, that I hit the zoom by accident while adjusting the camera. Most times I do my outside shots in manual adjustments with a filter or 2 to make the color more vibrant. I now constantly watch my zoom setting and if I think I made a mistake, I delete the entire scene and re-shoot it.

Thanks to Real Tour Vision for making my job fun and easy to sell. I love this business!!!!

Dave Kondracki
Northeast North Carolina Virtual Tours
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