Virtual Tour Business Picking Up

On 27 September 2007, I get a frantic call from one of my clients. I was needed in Chesapeake, VA to shoot 2 virtual tours for the Homearama 2007. I thought, “Wow what a break! I have my foot in the door in Virginia!” I have an Outer Banks virtual tour company, started in April of this year, but hope to expand into neighboring markets. This chance to shoot a couple of tours for such a big event has really helped my credibility in the area.

The fact is people are starting to know that Real Tour Vision virtual tour company produces the best virtual tours in the industry. To make a long story short, I met with the contractor at 6:30 AM Friday 28 September and was informed that I had until 10:00 AM to complete both tours. One house was 9500 sq. ft. the other 6500 sq. ft. I finished at 10:10 AM. Both of these fantastic house are on my virtual tour company web site They weren’t shot to my liking because of the time constraint but still 2 really nice virtual tours.

Since these two 360 tours have been seen on my web site business has increased. I am keeping busy.

Thanks to Real Tour Vision for producing the best virtual tour software for our industry.

By Dave Kondracki
Dave Kondracki LLC
Chesapeake Virginia Virtual Tours
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