Video Tours VS Virtual Tours

Real Tour Vision has the industry’s best virtual tour software. I find sometimes that new clients need to be educated about what a virtual tour is and what good it can do them. Educating your client base is key as people simply do not know what they do not know. For example many of my clients look at my interactive 360 virtual tours and at first glance they think that they are watching a video virtual tour. A RealTour becomes Reeltours in their minds. Which is completely natural when you first look at them on the screen before realizing that you have the added ability to drive them with the mouse. Also, potential clients may have been shown other types of virtual tours and not understand what our technology is all about.

One company that I run into once in a great while plays off Real Tour Vision’s name and call themselves Reeltours. Their slogan is “It’s VIDEO, not virtual”. Video is great for recording people DOING something, like playing basketball, getting married, and or falling off a trampoline (in a humorous way), but not for marketing a home for sale or to showcase a business. Video virtual tours are lacking that interaction that a true virtual tour brings to the table.

An interactive 360 virtual tour is the best solution for marketing a home or business because it is interactive and showcases the property or business to its best advantage. The virtual tour viewer steers the tour using hotspots or the drop down menu and is able to decide how much time they spend in a particular area. Scenes can be paused, zoomed in on, and easily revisted. Each scene in the virtual tour downloads as it is viewed so an entire video doesn’t have to load before the client sees something.

Additionally Real Tour Vision has a lot of great add on products to enhance the virtual tours. Both 2d and 3d floor plans are available, as well as 3d walkthroughs. RTV also has Panoriders to use with a single property website and they are a great plus for real estate agents or anyone trying to sell a home. All these features, plus our HUGE network of providers help make Real Tour Vision the BEST online marketing tool out there.

Ben Nunes
New Tour Era, Inc
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