Selling a Virtual Tour providership Pays Off

Running around in our day to day lives as a virtual tour provider can be pretty hectic. Whether you are fully staffed or working solo, there is always something that needs to be done. From customer service, sales calls, the actual shoots, scheduling and billing, updating our websites, and worrying over SEO marketing, selling a providership to another photographer might be the last thing on our minds. Yet selling a virtual tour providership can bring us residual rewards in the long run without having to do much of anything.

One day I received a telephone call from another virtual tour provider. I was on the east coast doing virtual tours in Philadelphia, and he was on the west coast. He came across our company’s website, and really liked what he saw! He was using a company called 3CIM and was looking to make a change to the Real Tour Vision virtual tour software. Since we weren’t in direct competition of each other, maybe we could brainstorm together on the business??

We began to compare our virtual tour software and I immediately noticed many differences. Although the 3CIM product worked, it didn’t have the extra features that the Real Tour Vision 360 panorama software has. He also did not have a direct link to upload onto the local MLS which my clients feel is a must. He decided it would be more beneficial for him and his company if he made the switch to RTV. I told him about all of our exciting technology and without even realizing it, I had sold a providership! It was easy.

Real Tour Vision’s technology sells itself. Consumers are demanding it. With millions of dollars being spent on national television advertising, sites such as and even sites like are pushing and compelling consumers to turn to their sites to see virtual home tours on the market. Many people feel if the house doesn’t have a virtual tour, then it’s really not worth their time.

By selling a virtual tour providership, you are not only creating a residual income for yourself, you are expanding our network of providers and you are getting the word out that RTV technology is the world’s leading provider!

Jennifer Stiefel
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