RTV is Here for YOU

Dedication and perseverance is our motto here at Real Tour Vision as exemplified by the fact we all made it into work yesterday. ‘Big Deal’ you may think, but I’d like to take a minute and let you know just how big a deal it was for one employee to get here yesterday.

Normally on an average day it takes me approximately 8 minutes to get to work, maybe 10 with lights and traffic. Yesterday I pulled out of my driveway to take my kids the 1.76 miles to daycare and I noticed that headed toward town there was a string of bumper to bumper traffic as far as my eyes could see. As I drove along I noticed whole lines of cars parked along the median and even saw two very large construction trucks just stopped in the middle of the road. I ’m not sure if they were trying to give plenty of room between them and others, or if they were stuck spinning their wheels on the ice.

It took me a couple extra minutes to get to daycare because the roads were very slick and the car in front of me was going about 20mph. After dropping the kids off I turned around to go into town. A nice motorist in the never ending string of unmoving traffic allowed me to pull out and thus begin my wait. I sat hardly moving in that string of traffic for what seemed like forever! It took me almost 30 minutes before I even passed my house which was only 1.76 miles away! I’ve included a picture I took with my cellphone camera of the traffic during the 30 minutes it took me to drive 2 miles.

Altogether it took me over an hour to get to work that morning. One poor employee, who was wearing footwear incompatible with Northern Michigan winters, barely made it into the building without breaking her neck in the parking lot (today she’s wearing boots with traction in case you were worried about her safety). Another employee suffered a very minor fender bender when another motorist was unable to stop and skid through a stop sign into her car. Damage was minor but it shook her up a bit. Then the other driver drove OFF!

Let this blog article affirm that we are committed to giving you stellar service and to answer your virtual tour related needs even if we have to risk life and limb to do it!

Jacque Burke
Tour Track Fairy
Real Tour Vision
Michigan Virtual Tours