Planting 360 Virtual Tour Seeds

What an awesome opportunity has been laid out before me. I have the opportunity to shoot beautiful virtual tours, be associated with the best virtual tour software company, Real Tour Vision, and to educate a group of agents and business owners as to the benefits of virtual tours.

As a real estate agent for a Century 21 brokerage, I took great pride in shooting the photography for my own listings. I had studied photography throughout high school and college and looked forward to taking images that would showcase the features of my listings. Imagine how pleased I was to find out that my brokerage also offered an employee in-house that would stitch together virtual home tours for us if we shot them ourselves! I took full advantage of this benefit and it wasn’t too long before my fellow agents noticed. They began approaching me to shoot their stills and panoramas for their listings! Soon I added flyers to the package and I became the one-stop shop for marketing within our brokerage’s four offices. They would let me know when they would be taking the listing and I would shoot and download everything lickity split. And I was loving it!

When I decided to move back home to the central coast of California, I knew that a decision about my career and passion had to be made. I enjoyed working with buyers and sellers, but I loved making homes look beautiful. In doing research on virtual tours and virtual tour software companies, it was a divine twist of fate to come across Real Tour Vision. There simply is not a better looking virtual tour out there, let alone the always available support and family of tour providers throughout the country. After my first conversation with my salesperson, there was no doubt in my mind about what my choice and future business would be.

Let me get to the planting seeds part. Fast forward two months. My business, doing virtual tours in San Luis Obispo is called Insight Virtual Tours. I have joined all six of the local MLS offices as an affiliate. I regularly attend MLS meetings to “show my wares”. I have visited too many offices to count, spoken to literally hundreds of agents about the benefits of having a virtual tour and even had the opportunity to educate a few as to what a virtual tour really is. Everyday I wake with the intent of making Insight Virtual Tours the best virtual tour provider on the central coast. I have this faith and intention because I simply know that there is nothing in our market comparable to the service that I provide and the quality of my tours. I stand back at the end of the day and I am extremely pleased with what I have accomplished.

I work not just with agents, but business owners as well. If you have a business and a website, you need a tour. I look forward to the opportunity to educate anyone and everyone about virtual tours. Little by little, I plant more seeds. Even if I get a “no”, I have planted the seed. They know who I am and eventually, that seed will grow.

Little did I know how following my own bliss two years ago would have planted the seeds of my own garden that are now shooting straight up. Little did I know what wonderful opportunities I would be given each day to hand out the seeds of my knowledge, my passion and my enthusiasm for something I simply love to do.

Lori S. Nunes
Insight Virtual Tours
San Luis Obispo Virtual Tours
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