Metro Detroit Michigan – We Control Your Tour Speed

I have found one thing out in a very short time working with people. It is very hard to please everyone. Since I started my Detroit Virtual Tour Company over five years ago, I have had to overcome many objections. Some are easy to take care of and others are sometimes out of my control. RTV always tries to get feedback from its providers on certain things and what they should do.

Virtual Tour Rotation speed has always been a sore spot for all of us, some clients say it goes too slow while others say it goes too fast. This is no lie; I stayed up late one night to get a few Virtual Tours done for a new client. If she liked them she would order Virtual Tours for all her listings, about 12 – 15 homes. I made sure that everything was in order before I sent them to her. First thing in the morning the phone rings and it’s her, madder than an old wet hen. I said, “What’s wrong?” and she said, “The Virtual Tour is going so fast that it is making me sick.”

I tried to explain that people that look at Virtual Tours everyday know that they can control the speed with the mouse and make it go as fast or as slow as they want. It’s just did not matter to her, she wanted it fixed. After hanging up with her and getting ready to call Real Tour Vision, another customer called and said the Virtual Tours were too slow. At this point going back to bed seemed like to best thing to do! I however instead picked up the phone and called RTV. They explained that I should not worry because by the next day a virtual tour software update would allow all of the providers to edit the virtual tour speed and panning direction on a per tour basis. I guess some other providers had similar concerns. The next day RTV gave us the control over the speed and life was good again.

So everyone out there, whether you like it fast or slow, Real Vision Studio is your Southeast Michigan virtual tour company. With Real Tour Vision by our side you can have it however you like!

Michael Thompson
Real Vision Studio
Southeast Michigan Virtual Tours

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