Marketing your Virtual Tour Company

We’re coming upon the Holiday Season and some virtual tour providers may be feeling the money crunch that comes along with it as our clients tend to pull in their reigns on spending for 360 virtual tours during this time. People will be barraged with multiple ads to ‘buy this’ and may not pay attention to our offer. It all depends on how it is presented and how often. A simple holiday post card can do wonders! (It beats fruit cakes anyway.)

Without boring you with all the “SBA finds that 50% of new businesses fail within the 1st year and the other 45% fail within the next 5…” rhetoric, the fact that you have aligned yourself with RTV is one of the greatest factors to be in the last 5% of businesses that succeed. The other factor is your persistence. How long you persist makes a huge difference in your business. This is the reason to make contact with your clients during the holidays. Set aside some time to do this – it will pay off.

Your main focus should be the marketing of your business. First and foremost you are a marketer of what you do and secondly a business owner. Without marketing, you won’t have clients. It will cost you about 5 times more to acquire a new client than it will to make a current client buy a virtual tour from you again. But, you have to deliver the best value for the money you charge them. That is where RTV’s product/support and your personal service make a huge difference. Remind them that you’re there to help them with all their needs and that you want to be their only virtual tour company.

With that, a Happy Holidays to all you providers on this globe and huge thank you to Team RTV for all their help and support.

Rob Lenthe
South Nevada Virtual Tour Provider
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