Houston Virtual Tour Company Goes the Extra Mile

When starting a new virtual tour company you are bound to make mistakes. When you make mistakes you learn. But should the customer have to pay for that mistake? Case in point. I shot a 360 virtual tour the other day but the agent had not ordered a virtual tour. It turns out he only wanted still photos of the property. The homeowner was home at the time and knew the virtual tour was shot. So I wondered, do I tell my client what I did or do I keep it from them? I decided that the first time I keep something from a client is the last time he will give me his business. So I bit the bullet and called my client. I told him what had happened and what I was willing to do for him. The end result is I gave him the virtual tour for free and I am hoping to earn more business in the future from him.

Something else that happened recently is that another new client ordered a virtual home tour and the homeowner did not like the angles of the shoot. I decided to contact the client through the agent and ask them to present for a re-shoot. Also for future tours I will ask the agent if the homeowner has any special requests regarding angles, special shots, etc before the shoot takes place.

If I go the extra mile with one client I am certain that they will tell others of the level of outstanding service that I performed. This leads to repeat business from that client and also referrals to new clients. I believe in getting word of mouth refferals whenever I can. Try this in your business and you should have great results. Good luck!!!

Mike Stolte
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