360 Virtual Tours and Vacation Rentals

Our company Southern Resorts first got into the 360 virtual tour arena in 2001 with IPIX. We manage over 400 vacation beach homes, cottages and condos on the Northwest Gulf Coast of Florida. All of our properties are individually owned. As an effort to save the owners’ money and time we learned how to shoot the tours, stitch and upload to our website.

We were the first company in our area to display 360 tours on the majority of our rentals. It has been a huge success. The owners love it and the guests feel like they really know what they will be renting even more so than with the still pics we post on-line.

After years with working with IPIX and two cameras later, I needed another camera and tripod. As I tried to communicate with them, I soon discovered it was useless. I searched desperately for another Virtual Tour Company. Research on-line led me to Real Tour Vision. After one phone call I was a believer. I loved how easy it was to communicate with the team. The virtual tours are beautiful and I could not be happier. We want a custom look so chose to remote host our tours. The turn around time has been phenomenal. Here 6 months later, I have only now started adding audio. I wish I had sooner. The free music clips add a lot to the touring experience.

Thanks RTV!

Patricia Hardiman
Marketing Director
Southern Resorts Vacation Rentals
850.337.1203 Ext 211