Year One – A Quick Look Back

Hello fellow Real Tour Vision providers around the World. I would say this has been a very exciting year. The 16th of October 2006 was our first Virtual Tour.

I did it free of charge for a Friend of mine. In one year we’ve done 150 Real Estate Tours, 10 FSBO, commercial and business tours. Amazing!!

We started this virtual tour business out of desperation, and despair. Nothing was working with Real Estate. The market was starting to plunge and investors were watching there investments disappear.

We were thinking about having our own Treasure Coast virtual tour company for a while, but did not have the impulse nor the capital to start in our new journey. We found Real Tour Vision and everything seemed so simple. We actually borrowed our investment in order to start. It wasn’t much, but for us at that moment, it was a fortune. It was amazing how quickly we made back that borrowed money and continued establishing our business in our quaint and quiet town. Thanks to Real tour Vision we managed to survive the Buyers market we had found ourselves in.

Real Tour Vision helps you through all the process, with their excellent customer service and supportive staff. Anyone can be a part of the success. You only have to take the chance and see your world change. We are proud to be a part of Real Tour Vision providership. The greatest Virtual Tour company in the world.

Now there is no more looking back. Think Shift Grow – RTV!

Claudia Jaramillo
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