What is your combination?

Ever since I was a kid I always liked nice pictures, photography and cameras and eventually I turned into a “gadget” guy. I have collected various camera brands from old generation (regular film), a complete set of a “Hasselblad” the Cadillac of cameras, to the latest model of digital camera (till 8 months ago) which provides a great deal of flexibility and convenience. However over all these years my major task always was how can I make money off of doing what I love!?

I think this is a very popular topic and not easily done! After I spent the big bucks on the Hasselblad I started doing head shots and some other projects to make a career out of it. Shortly after that I found myself in the middle of the technology transition to digital photography. I could not compete any more! Right around that time, I came across property photography and virtual tours and decided that it was the combination that I have been looking for. Not long after that I started the company called “yVirtual” in Southern California serving the following cities:

Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, Woodland Hills, Encino, Studio City, North Ridge, Reseda and ….plus, Brentwood, Palisades, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and the other surrounding area.

I certainly hope that one day you can find your right combination too!

Mike Pashai
Y Virtual, Inc.
Calabasas Virtual Tour Company