Virtual Tour Insurance

What a Nightmare:

You know it not a good day when you are rushing to get to your first virtual tour shoot and in your haste — you trip and fall on your client’s front porch stairs. In the process, you drop your tripod and camera. With that sinking feeling in your gut, you pick up your equipment and confirm that the camera is now smashed and one of the legs of the tripod is bent at an awkward angle.

Thoroughly rattled and upset, you put on your best smile when the client opens the door and invites you inside. Once inside the door and still frazzled, you unwittingly stand your tripod up in the foyer next to a very beautiful, and yes –very expensive—glass vase. As soon as you turn to your client—a sudden and incredibly loud crash occurs—telling you that the tripod has fallen and smashed the vase into a thousand pieces.

Hopefully, this scenario has not happened to anyone but the scary part of it is –it could happen – or something worse. It is not hard to imagine an incident involving grave personal injury to yourself or to your client.

The question that is raised is, “Are you covered by insurance?”

A lot of providers may think that their home owner’s policy will cover their camera, tripod, and any accidents at a job site. This is simply not true.

As a virtual tour provider you need to protect your business with insurance that covers personal injury, liability, and your mobile equipment (laptop, camera, tripod, etc). Today, most insurance companies offer a bundled insurance plan sometimes known as Business Owner’s Insurance Package. These packages are designed to provide insurance protection to you while on the job site.

All providers are encouraged to call their insurance companies and review with their agent the insurance needed to cover your business.

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