Virtual Tour Camera Migration

I started my virtual tour business in Lawrence with my nice Point and shoot digital camera, but I was not getting the “professional look” that I was aiming for since I had little or no experience nor example on my website to show off. I decided to jump into the SLR world and of course it’s more complex than what I thought.

One mistake that I made and quickly learned from:

A point and shoot is automatically turning on to the widest angle possible which is how you should take your pictures for your 360 virtual tour. Even if you take it the camera off of the Real Tour Vision rotator to do a nice still picture, set it down and let it turn off, that digital camera will always set itself back to the widest angle setting where it was left at. This I quickly found was not the case with my digital SLR. At least mine anyway.

The Real Tour Vision tour builder manual says on the quick shoot checklist – BE SURE YOUR CAMERA IS ALWAYS SET TO THE WIDEST ANGLE POSSIBLE BEFORE EVERY VIRTUAL TOUR SHOOT! If you don’t follow this simple rule once you’re back at home trying to stitch them up it won’t work. For everyone out there just going into the SLR world be sure to always check that you have your camera set to the widest angle possible before every shoot. Especially after taking it off the tripod to zoom on a detail!

Kate Huchet
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