Panorama Jack Calls the Culligan Man

Breaking News!!

Real Tour Vision has ARRIVED. After years of deprivation, struggle, and minor health problems we now purchase water from the Culligan Man.

It all started when Panorama Jack was having trouble with facial tics. He went to our company doctor, Dr. Damitol, and was told, “You have too much lead in your diet. You need to cut back.” So Jack started cleaning up his diet. No more snacking on paint chips, using lipstick, or licking children’s toys. Still his problems continued.

Jack decided it must be the water. But what to do? Coffee is essential to the wellbeing of Panorama Jack. Not one to be held back when confronted by an obstacle Panorama Jack did what any plucky, kick butt, virtual tour photographer/movie mogul/ladies man would do. He started making his coffee with 100% Florida orange juice. Do not try this at home. Or if you do, for the love of all that is good and green and wonderful, use PULP FREE juice. Yes, Panorama Jack had to buy a new coffee maker after that fiasco. But he also got a date and some great advice. Forget the juice and go back to water in the coffee maker.

So Jack mulled. He pondered. He wondered. He called his mom. She said, “You need the Culligan Man.” Jack didn’t waste any time. He dialed up the Culligan Man so fast his fingers were afire. He got the deluxe setup with hot and cold taps, and the pleasant glug glug of water now fills our offices. Once again Panorama Jack (and his mom) has saved the day! Jack’s facial tics are gone.

This new change has benefited the other employees too. The mood is lighter, we smile at one another, afternoon Tea is sweeter, the virtual tours are more beautiful, and life is GOOD.

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